LCMB Investigators

Bill Bement
Faculty Page

Cytoskeleton control of cell division, wound healing, and endocytosis

Sean Carroll
Faculty Page

Genetic control of body pattern in fruit flies, butterflies, and other animals

Kevin Eliceiri
Faculty Page

Optical and computational techniques for imaging living specimens


Kate O'Connor-Giles
Faculty Page

Molecular regulation of synapse formation, growth and plasticity

Marisa Otegui
Faculty Page

Membrane trafficking pathways in plants

LCMB Emeritus Investigators

Gary Borisy

Systems-level analysis of microbial community organization through combinatorial labeling and spectral imaging

Deric Bownds

Vision transduction, neurobiology, mind, consciousness

Michael Culbertson

Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression

Ching Kung

Microbial sensory transductions in ion channels

John White

Anatomical reconstructions of C. elegans, cell cleavage plane orientation, cytokinesis in C. elegans, laser microbeam studies of cell interactions, laser scanning microscopy, in vivo imaging

Affiliate Investigators

Kurt Amann
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Molecular mechanisms underlying cell structure and motility in eukaryotes and prokaryotes

Paul Campagnola
Faculty Page

Second harmonic generation microscopy, biomimetic modeling, extracellular matrix (ECM) in carcinogenesis and connective tissue disorders

Patricia Keely
Faculty Page

Integrin and small GTPase signaling events in differentiation and transformation

Judith Kimble
Faculty Page

C. elegans development and gamete specification, niche signaling, differentiation, maintenance in stem cells  

Justin Williams
Faculty Page

Device development for recording from and stimulating neural tissue, neural prosthetics, microfluidic systems